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Navajo Bridge
Challenging Nature's Barriers to Transportation

by Jerry A. Cannon
There are actually two bridges crossing the Colorado River in Marble Canyon. They had serious but very different challenges to their construction. The 1929 bridge needed a road just to get to it and the 1995 bridge needed agreement from many stakeholders. The author, Jerry Cannon, designed the second bridge. He was very aware of his predecessor Ralph Hoffman and needed to blend his bridge with Hoffman's. The book describes how and why each bridge was built with historic photographs of both construction projects.
Isbn 978-1-7322192-9-8, 192 pages, 92 b&w and 113 color photographs.
Publication date August 1 2023

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Guide to the San Juan River THIRD EDITION
by Duwain Whitis & Tom Martin $15 7 copies left
The most recent edition is the FOURTH. These are what we have left of the previous edition.
by Frank Wright $7
FLOATING HOGANS IN MONUMENT VALLEY Remembering the First Marina in Navajoland
by Wanda Morlan Eilts $7
HEART in the BONY MIDDLE Poetic Dispatches from Grand Canyon and Plateau Country
by Seth Muller $7
HIJACKING A RIVER A Political History of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
by Jeff Ingram $8
JOHN H. RIFFEY The Last Old-Time Ranger
by Jean Luttrell $8
THE MAKING OF A RANGER A Life in the Great Outdoors
by Chuck Luttrell $8
QUICKSAND AND BLUE SPRINGS Exploring the Little Colorado River Gorge
by Stephen West Cole $6

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