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Vishnu Temple Press publishes and distributes non-fiction books about the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau.

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Rivermaps Guide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry to South Cove 8th Edition
by Tom Martin and Duwain Whitis


Day Hikes from the River
A Guide to 100 Hikes from Camps on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park
5th Edition
by Tom Martin


On Foot
Grand Canyon Backpacking Stories
Edited by Rick Kempa


DOCK MARSTON River Historian
Volume 1 Parts 1-4
by Tom Martin
Available only as Amazon Kindle books

In A Better Place: Cemeteries & Gravesites of Grand Canyon
by Kern Nuttall


In A Better Place
At Rest in Grand Canyon Cemetery
by Cindy Stafford

$3.99 Fold up MAP

$22 book & map together

Moulty Fulmer and the First Grand Canyon Dory on the Last of the Wild Colorado

by Tom Martin


Time Sculpture
The Eloquence of Stone

by Gary Ladd


Bobby, Brighty, and the Wylie Way
A Collection of Stories, Letters, and Memoirs

by Martha McKee Krueger


From Powell to Power - A Recounting of the First 100 River Runners through the Grand Canyon
by Otis Reed "Dock" Marston, edited by Tom Martin


A Year in the Grand Canyon - A Collection of Experiences and Colorful History from a Lifetime of Exploring the Grand Canyon
by Dave Elston


Stalking the Wild Dragonfly
Stories of Experiences in Nature
by Nancy Rivest Green


John H. Riffey
The Last Old-Time Ranger

by Jean Luttrell


Heart in the Bony Middle Poetic Dispatches from Grand Canyon and Plateau Country
by Seth Muller


Quicksand and Blue Springs Exploring the Little Colorado River Gorge
by Stephen West Cole


Hijacking A River
A Political History of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

by Jeff Ingram


Canyon Solitude - A Woman's Solo River Journey Through Grand Canyon
by Patricia C. McCairen


Going Down Grand
Poems from the Canyon -
Edited by Peter Anderson & Rick Kempa


Why We Boat
Running Rivers On Our Own

Edited by Beverly Kurtz


Park Ranger Sequel
More True Stories from a Ranger's Career in America's National Parks

by Nancy Eileen Muleady-Mecham


River of the West
by David Liggett


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