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Vishnu Temple Press publishes and distributes non-fiction books about the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau.

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Vishnu Temple in the Grand Canyon Art © Ron Short

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In A Better Place: Cemeteries & Gravesites of Grand Canyon
by Kern Nuttall


In A Better Place
At Rest in Grand Canyon Cemetery
by Cindy Stafford

$3.99 Fold up MAP

DOCK MARSTON River Historian
Volume 1 Parts 1-4
by Tom Martin
Available only as Amazon Kindle books

$22 book & map together

Moulty Fulmer and the First Grand Canyon Dory on the Last of the Wild Colorado

by Tom Martin


Bobby, Brighty, and the Wylie Way
A Collection of Stories, Letters, and Memoirs

by Martha McKee Krueger


Time Sculpture
The Eloquence of Stone

by Gary Ladd


From Powell to Power - A Recounting of the First 100 River Runners through the Grand Canyon
by Otis Reed "Dock" Marston, edited by Tom Martin


Hijacking A River
A Political History of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

by Jeff Ingram


John H. Riffey
The Last Old-Time Ranger

by Jean Luttrell


The Last Homesteader on the Arizona Strip
by Jean Luttrell


Combination of the two Jean Luttrell books available for $20

Peaceful Canyon Golden River
A Photographic Journey Through Fabled Glen Canyon

by David and Gudy Gaskill


Sunset on Glen Canyon
The Words and Images of Two Remarkable Women: Katherine Bartlett and Gene Field Foster
by Susan Deaver Olberding


Floating Hogans in Monument Valley -
Remembering the First Marina in Navajoland

by Wanda Morlan Eilts


River of the West
by David Liggett

$21.95 Softcover

A Complete Life
The Autobiography of John Franklin Wright


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