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In A Better Place: Cemeteries & Gravesites of Grand Canyon
by Kern Nuttall


A fascinating study of everyone who is known to be buried at the Grand Canyon. There are two cemeteries, one at Lees Ferry and one at the South Rim. However, many people are buried elsewhere. Most of those interred were people who lived and worked at the Grand Canyon. The early railroad builders were usually Hispanic and many current residents are too. Many were military veterans, the South Rim cemetery entrance was built by the local American Legion post. There are Harvey Girls, Native Americans, early pioneers like John Hance and William Bass, National Park Service personnel, and their families. There are over 130 black and white photographs. Some are of people living their lives at the Canyon, in their jobs, with their friends and families. Others are of the wide variety of graves and their markers. There have been people living and dying at the Grand Canyon for over a hundred years. Of course they did the same before that, but there are no written records unfortunately. Kern Nuttall has sifted through as many death certificates and other records as he could find and talked to several of the long-time residents from the Canyon to provide a very interesting perspective on the people who keep the infrastructure of the Grand Canyon National Park running.

978-09905270-7-7, 240 pages, 130 b&w photographs May 2016, $19.95

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In A Better Place
At Rest in Grand Canyon Cemetery
by Cindy Stafford

$3.99 Fold up MAP

The cemetery at the Grand Canyon is located just west of the Shrine of the Ages. It contains the remains of about three hundred people, most of whom were lucky enough to live at the Grand Canyon, but unlucky enough to die there too. Cindy Stafford has put together an informative map with descriptions of a selection of individuals that anyone can stroll around the cemetery to find. There are some of the original pioners at the Canyon, including the first person believed to be buried in the cemetery, John Hance. The Harvey Girls are represented by some of those that lived there a long time as well as some who had barely arrived. The National Park Service is represented by superintendents, naturalists and trail crew. Various artists and scholars are identified. There are also many pillars of the community and rascals who made their home at the South Rim. The map leads you to the "inhabitants" described and, on the way, you'll find many other headstones of long-dead and recently departed residents.

Isbn 978-0-9905270-4-6, 18" x 24" folded map, May 2015, $3.99.

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At Rest in Grand Canyon Cemetery
by Cindy Stafford 978-0-9905270-4-6 May 2015
18" x 24" folded map, $4.99

Cemeteries & Gravesites of Grand Canyon
by Kern Nuttall 978-0-9905270-7-7 May 2016
10" x 8" 240 pages, 135 b&w photographs $19.95

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