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Rivermaps Guide to the Arkansas River, Colorado
Second Edition
by Duwain Whitis and Tom Martin


Duwain Whitis and Tom Martin have teamed up again to write and design a new Arkansas Rivermap, Guide to the Arkansas River, Colorado. This guide covers the Arkansas River beginning at Hayden Meadows above Granite and covers the 115 miles of river from there to Canon City. River sections include Pine Creek, Numbers, Fractions, Milk Run, Browns Canyon, Stone Bridge to Rincon, Rincon to Pinnacle Rock, Parkdale and Royal Gorge. This guide is the same format as the guides to the Grand Canyon, San Juan River, and Canyonlands by Duwain and Tom. The Arkansas Guide includes lots of useful information about rapids, including where to scout the rapids if scouting is indicated. Campsite information is also included, as well as wildlife, historical and geological information. The guide contains great color photographs,and the 7.5 minute USGS quad-maps "going-with-the-flow" layout from the bottom of the page to the top of the page helps you locate where you are when on the river. The guide has 62 pages, spiral bound 8.5" x 14" mapbook printed on waterproof tear-resistant plastic paper.

978-1-7324017-1-6, 62 pages, 8.5" wide x 14" high, March 2019, $29.95.

Guide to the Arkansas River is also available from the following stores:
Wet Dreams, Flagstaff, AZ & Grand Junction, CO
Wide World of Maps, Phoenix, AZ
Greater Arkansas Headwaters Association, Salida, CO
Maria's Bookshop, Durango, CO

First Edition by Duwain Whitis & Tom Martin
978-1-7324017-1-6 March 2019
Soft cover, 62 pages, color photographs, spiralbound, waterproof $29.95

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