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Vishnu Temple Press publishes and distributes non-fiction books about the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau.

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While we're very pleased to have some books selling really well, we are equally proud of some of our smaller books. They may not sell as fast, but they help us fulfull our goal of publishing a variety of books about the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau. Feel free to buy as many as you like. If we have signed ones, we'll send those. Shipping is free and will be by USPS Media Mail, so the books will arrive in 2-9 days.

Overseas charges will still apply to all orders.
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Guide to the San Juan River SECOND EDITION (We're now on the third, but we have 2 of these left)
by Duwain Whitis & Tom Martin $15
by Doug Sherman $12.00
by Frank Wright $7
FLOATING HOGANS IN MONUMENT VALLEY Remembering the First Marina in Navajoland
by Wanda Morlan Eilts $6
HEART in the BONY MIDDLE Poetic Dispatches from Grand Canyon and Plateau Country
by Seth Muller $7
IN A BETTER PLACE book & cemetery map together
book by Kern Nuttall, map by Cindy Stafford $12
HIJACKING A RIVER A Political History of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
by Jeff Ingram $8
JOHN H. RIFFEY The Last Old-Time Ranger
by Jean Luttrell $7
THE MAKING OF A RANGER A Life in the Great Outdoors
by Chuck Luttrell $7
QUICKSAND AND BLUE SPRINGS Exploring the Little Colorado River Gorge
by Stephen West Cole $6
PARK RANGER SEQUEL More True Stories from a Ranger's Career in America's National Parks
by Nancy Eileen Muleady-Mecham $10
WALKING the UNKNOWN RIVER and Other Travels in Escalante Country
by Ann Weiler Walka $10
ON FOOT Grand Canyon Backpacking Stories
Edited by Rick Kempa $12
BIG WATER, LITTLE BOATS Moulty Fulmer and the First Grand Canyon Dory on the Last of the Wild Colorado
by Tom Martin $20

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