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of The Ridges Sanctuary - An Intimate View by Doug Sherman:

Review by Stephen Packard, long-time conservation leader of The Nature Conservancy, Audubon, and Wild Ones, founder of the Volunteer Stewardship Network, and hero of the book “Miracle Under the Oaks – the revival of nature in America” by New York Times science writer William K. Stephens.

A charming, gorgeous, and wise book has captured the spirit of a great gem of nature. Actually, the word “gem” applies to both a unique ecosystem and its worthy alter-ego – “The Ridges Sanctuary: an intimate view” by Doug Sherman.

Unmatched photos keep you looking longingly, while the authoritative and surprising text illuminates the mushrooms, lichens, animals, and especially the striking plants of the Door County Wisconsin’s natural treasure, a sanctuary for sand dunes, orchids, bogs, and all manner of elsewhere-vanished ecological richness.

As the photos take your breath away, you linger on the page for writing dense with charming tidbits. We learn how the ram’s-head ladyslipper tricks bees. There are tips for taking such amazing images. Sherman recommends that anyone photographing the rare calypso orchid do so with a long lens – so as not to disturb associated species or their soil.

You may be inspired to visit The Ridges to experience the deep pleasure of the pristine. But, from this generous and fine book, you’ll already feel its nature in your bones. Sherman has made the sanctuary yet more revered and safer by capturing its unspoiled essence.